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 The LUXE Report is a collection of trends, product reviews, people profiles, interviews and musings on various aspects of the luxury industry and commentary on modern style around the world.

Luxury, both as an industry and as a concept, will be the primary focus of The LUXE Report and I expect to explain in-depth, why I consider each location, item, person, experience, environment or trend a part of today’s “Luxury”.

The LUXE Report is presented by me through research, experience, writing on subjects specific to a sense of elegance, class and style.

A Canadian upbringing, family relations with British Aristocracy, and a private school education, lead to a career in style and beauty through studies and work in other locations such as  Britain, Italy, France, Greece, Mexico, Iran, Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico and South Pacific Islands giving me a further education in global cultures. Life has brought me to many rich experiences and people to be admired. My personal interests include investments, real estate, fashion, art, dance, jewelry, interiors, architecture, events, foods, travel, music, history, global cultures, literature and, as sport, yachting and ballooning (not necessarily in that order).

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The idea for The Luxe Report was born out of a desire to share, inform and educate with in-depth coverage of all areas of the luxury industry. I find that many of the luxury blogs are mere portals for advertising and album pages for picture posts which offer little informative description or critique. In contrast, I would like The Luxe Report to be an honest discussion about luxury, not only as an industry but also as a concept and the blurring of the lines between massive consumption and the quality of style, which I feel is rapidly disappearing.

The opinions expressed in The Luxe Report are exclusively my own. My viewpoint is from the perspective of a consumer of a luxury lifestyle, goods and services. The features, profiles, and occasional product, services, and reviews will be collected by myself with occasional input from trusted associates, including journalists, writers, designers, artists, investors and marketing professionals. I currently serve on several trend-setting councils such as: VOGUE Insiders, ELLE and Traditional Home magazine.

Plans for The Luxe Report include personal interviews by me with notable brand providers. It will carry limited advertising and sponsorships. Any product, website link or service advertised on The Luxe Report will be carefully selected and where possible, will have been researched by me personally, and which I believe can stand up to scrutiny. I am also available for advice, travel for auction attendance or product selection on a consultant basis. Contact me via Email.

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The Luxe Report welcomes all comments or corrections which are not an attempt to advertise a product or service.   Comments deemed incorrect, offensive, rude or hurtful will be promptly taken down. For further details regarding The Luxe Report’s policies, please click on Terms of Use. Please enjoy!


Yours in Luxury,

Rosanne Allen-Hewlett

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