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Medical Tourism in India

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The famous Koh-I-Noor diamond of India, recently in the news, is a pride of India to be sure. But there is a new ‘Crown Jewel’ that has been unearthed in India today, and that is its supreme medical services provided to the world.

New Delhi’s Medical Tourism volume is exploding, with hundreds of weekly flights into Indira Gandhi International Airport carrying patients in need of every type of medical treatment imaginable.

Especially in its capital, New Delhi, this healthcare industry has become a huge magnet for international patients in need of such treatments as:



Organ transplants


Spinal Surgery

Health Screenings

Cancer Treatments

Reproductive Health and IVF



Cosmetic Surgery

Weight Loss

Pre-Visit Online Consultations

There are many benefits to the patient, including online consultation prior to a visit, allowing the doctors and healthcare staff to prepare for the patient’s arrival so that there is no waiting.

The city has invested in this new tourism, and those traveling to New Delhi will also experience elegant hotels, luxury shopping, convenient transportation and some of the best-trained staff in many of the finest NABH -certified hospitals with the latest equipment. Med Tour

Modern Care

Factors contributing to this amazing growth are due to the insurance market, a strong pharmaceutical industry, cheap international travel, and top quality health care … increasingly making India a preferred medical tourist destination.  It is particularly attractive to those who do not carry health insurance in the U.S., or those whose insurance company does not fully cover a certain procedure.

Chart for Medical Torism                             Cost Compare


The making of an English-speaking world-class healthcare destination is complex. There are a variety of factors needed for success, including:

  • Top quality, cutting-edge internationally-certified (NABH) hospitals and up-to-the-minute diagnostic and surgical equipment.
  • Government and private sector investment in healthcare infrastructure
  • Demonstrable commitment to international accreditation, quality assurance, and transparency of outcomes
  • International patient flow
  • Cost savings on medical procedures
  • Political transparency and social stability
  • Excellent tourism infrastructure
  • Sustained reputation for clinical excellence
  • History of healthcare innovation and achievement
  • Successful adoption of best practices and state-of-the-art medical technology
  • Availability of internationally-trained, experienced medical staff
  • Immediate care with no waiting
  • Large International airport able to handle over 38.753 million passengers in 2016.
  • Capability of hosting about 1.27 million medical tourists from countries around the world.

Koh I Noor

Round trip flights to India are currently as low as about $688.00 USD, from the U.S.  And our examination of US costs across a variety of procedures and specialties as a comparison, show that in India you will save 65-90%. That’s significant and given the fact that one can travel, get immediate healthcare and enjoy a vacation, is the reason that New Delhi is the best destination for medical tourism!

For example, a heart bypass procedure can cost roughly $140,000+ without any insurance in the US. The same procedure, however, costs only around $7,000. USD or Rs 3 Lakh  (Medical services only) at one of India’s leading surgical centers.  Procedures such as hip and knee replacement, face lift, gastric bypass and others are far more affordable in India, including the cost of travel and accommodation, as compared to the US.

About Zealth

One global ‘Diamond’ in India’s healthcare Crown is the team.  A part of this worldwide medical assistance industry, it has welcomed 197 guests from Pakistan, Afghanistan Bangladesh, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Iraq, Myanmar, Oman, Turkey, Russia, Australia, and it is now prepared to take patients from the United States for the company’s global and very affordable healthcare services.

The company sets itself forward with personal client services, and that the team is here for each patient. They will ‘walk’ the patient through the entire process, from initial consultation, to advice on gathering documents, including how to apply for an Indian Medical Visa, to the day the patient leaves for home and follow up consultations.  Zealth’s Bed & Breakfast is inclusive in its pricing, and additional incredible sight-seeing trips can be arranged with the team while guests are in India.  All of this is obtained at a fraction of the cost of healthcare in the U.S., and some insurance plans may actually cover procedures abroad.

See yourself in India

Contact today to schedule an appointment. Just fill out the ‘contact us’ form for any health-related question.  * Kindly mention if you would prefer to speak with our Scottsdale, Arizona U.S. based or our New Delhi, India based team member.


Yours in Luxury,

Rosanne Allen-Hewlett


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Once Upon A Colour

 A Study in Vivid Blue and Pink


‘The Oppenheimer Blue’ diamond, a 14.62 carat ‘vivid blue’, sold this month at the Geneva auctions by Christie’s. Described as one of the rarest gems in the world, it brought a ‘hammer down’ sales price of a cool US $ 57.5 million that set new records for a blue diamond at auction.Blue Diamond

The sale came just in time for this fall’s colour or the Season – Pantone’s leading colour pick for fall, Riverside (17-0428) and a softer blue, Airy Blue (14-4122).  Riverside is expected to dominate fashion and style later this year, and was presented on the Runways at New York’s Fall Fashion Week.  It promises to also show up, as usual, in other product areas as well.

Blue Kitchen                      Blue Clothes

Blue Lifestyle

Blue Yacht

                                                        Lyman-Morse 65’ cruising yacht

At the same time, at the Geneva auctions, “A Unique Pink” diamond at 15.38 carats, was also sold by Sotheby’s.

Pink 1

his gen was discovered in Africa only about five years ago. It is the largest pear-shaped diamond ever at auction, and is exceptionally rare for its sought-after ‘Vivid Pink’ colour.  Two bidders fought over it, but the prize went to an Asian buyer for a new world record and the highest price ever paid for a fancy vivid pink diamond; USD $ 31.56 Million /Swiss Francs 43.2 Million.

Pink 2

Pink 4

Pink 3

Pink 5                 Pink S-Ferrari Roadster via Pagnani Zonda

                                                                                Via Pagnani  Zonda S-Ferrari Roadster

Pantone’s coordinating colour is Rose Quartz (#13-1520) in the same warm and lustrous pink tone. Here, I have paired it with a beautiful gown by one of my new favourite designers. Elie Saab and some other suggestions you may want to consider to richly surround yourself with this hue.

Why exceptional vivid-coloured diamonds are so ‘Luxe’!

Exceptional beauty and scarcity make these colored diamonds spectacular additions to any serious collection. Colored diamonds each boast a unique shade and set of characteristics, and no two are alike, but they do have a stunning appearance and a remarkable rarity in common.

Natural Blue Diamonds, are among the rarest.  In fact, if we’ll divide the rarity scale of colored diamonds into four groups, blue diamonds will be at the tip of the second rarest – rarer than pinks. Again, the stronger the color, the more rare the diamond, in a wide range of hues of Fancy, Intense and Deep Blue. These are also some of the most fascinating stones in existence. There’s a scientific cause for appearance of all colors in diamonds, and that is the presence of an impurity. For blue diamonds it is the existence of Boron.

Blue diamond 2

Some science exists here: these stones are the hardest conductors of both heat and electricity on Earth, and only natural blue diamonds have this capability. The Cullinan Mine near Pretoria in South Africa is the primary source for ‘blues’, although they are also mined in India. There are reports that there is a diminishing supply and increasing demand, driving prices up to 17% per year since 2005.  Even fancy light blue diamonds are being sold for jaw-dropping prices today.


Natural Pink Diamonds, on the other hand, are mesmeric in appearance, and highly valuable.  They summon a rich sense of romance and luxury, even though there is limited information about them.   The leading source for these beauties is The Argyle Diamond Mine , where the majority of these stones are found. They advise that a pink diamond can cost 20 times the price of its white equivalent.  It is unclear as to how Pink diamonds get their colour, and as with other colored diamonds, pink diamonds can be graded faint to fancy vivid as this one is, and the stronger the color, the higher the price tag.

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The New “Luxe”

Redefining Luxury for a Modern World


The New “LUXE”!

There is an appreciation of the luxury lifestyle that has been evolving over the past few years. It is slowly altering as the world develops through global commerce, humanity interacts socially and viewpoints shift.   As it progresses, I find that this still includes many new and old elements, but always with an eye on quality.

With this in mind, I plan to share many examples of this with you during the course of hosting this journaling site.

Research, concept and craftsmanship are all a part of that wonderful end product. Time is essential to luxury, and here’s why.   It takes time to search for and find just the perfect pieces, to cherish them and perhaps give them as a gift. For the artisan – it means time to research, conceive, design, scrutinize, produce and deliver an exclusive object of desire.

New Blog 1

With a nod to VOGUE, where I am honored to be one of their ‘ Insiders,’ I want to share this with you. This is a perfect example of “The New Luxe“ as I have named it.    “With hand-woven pouches, jewelry and bags that scream bohemian chic, Kin Lab Collective is the latest luxury label working alongside local Guatemalan artisans to re-create classic ethnic styles infused with strong cultural references.”

New Blog 2

Fine handmade pieces to collect from Laura Bennett. The luxury is felt the moment you pick these up.

You may consider your time well spent in your own personal pursuit of luxury in your life.

  • What luxurious item are you currently adding to your life and why? Please comment below.  I’d love to hear from you.


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Travel on The Luxury Trains of India

Allen-Hewlett  | The LUXE REPORT   

LUXE TRAVEL – Journal Issue 1

 maharajah Express All aboard

 F or the select few this can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience aboard the famed luxury trains of India.  Let the Saga of romance, elegance and adventure begin as you live the life a Maharaja on board a moving ‘Palace on Wheels! ‘

Over the past few years, India has emerged as the fastest-growing luxury destination on the world map. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Bangalore, Mumbai and Varanasi, India offers a rich garland of diversity, culture, and tradition which can be best experienced by traveling on India’s World class Luxe trains.

With five luxury trains, offering a total of fifteen all-inclusive signature Luxe rail journeys across some of the most exciting destinations across India, these luxury train vacations are a class apart when it comes to unique guest experiences in India. Luxury train traveling embraces the impeccable service of years gone by.  They feature tastefully crafted and adventure packed itineraries as a sophisticated and opulent way to discover the myriad hues of India. Each of these great rail journeys in India offer unique insider experience and cultural interactions at various destinations.

Two Train Pix

The interiors of these rolling palaces are characterized by a seamless fusion of re-created traditional motifs and modern indulgences.   High levels of comfort on board adding to the romance and opulence of these quintessential rail journeys may include:

Luxe List 2

Train w bed

You can take pleasure in impeccable personalized services and facilities; like experienced guides during sightseeing tours, personal chauffeur-driven cars, and world-class amenities that can be tailored-made for you!

In Iconic style, a seamless fusion of romance of a bygone era is presented to travelers with contemporary finesse. Luxury rail journeys in India offer unparalleled ways to explore the true essence of Indian culture.  Traveling a land as diverse as this, where ancient past blends with an exploding future, offers great opportunities to plan several excellent luxury tours to India. This country is home to exotic wildlife, adventurous locations, cultural destinations, palaces and forts, beaches, backwaters, lakes, ancient religious sites, and magnificent monuments. Not to be missed is “The Golden Triangle, “which includes: Delhi, Rajasthan, Agra, and the magnificent Taj Mahal, one of the Wonders of the World and an UNESCO World Heritage Site

Two India Train pics

The elegant collection now running on India’s Luxe rails, offers the best of quality service and five star facilities that are difficult to find today and are some of the most fulfilling rail journeys in the world.  The history of rail transport in India began in the mid-nineteenth century during the time of The British Raj, and is evident in the décor and services of this train system. In 1848 there was not a single kilometer of railway line in India. The core of the pressure for building railways in India came  from directives from London. The luxury trains came from the demands and needs of Indian Royalty, which was influenced by British aristocratic traditions.

The new breed of connoisseurs of luxury for unforgettable journeys like no other, are unraveling the essence of what I’m calling            Incredible Luxe India

Luxe India

Rosanne Allen-Hewlett is a writer and connoisseur of all things “Luxury”, and will be reporting on today’s exceptional global goods, travel, realty and events.


You can find her at: Allen-Hewlett | The LUXE REPORT


Instagram: @AllenHewlett

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Welcome to Allen-Hewlett | The LUXE ReportNew Luxe Logo 2

 The LUXE Report is a collection of trends, product reviews, people profiles, interviews and musings on various aspects of the luxury industry and commentary on modern style around the world.

Luxury, both as an industry and as a concept, will be the primary focus of The LUXE Report and I expect to explain in-depth, why I consider each location, item, person, experience, environment or trend a part of today’s “Luxury”.

The LUXE Report is presented by me through research, experience, writing on subjects specific to a sense of elegance, class and style.

A Canadian upbringing, family relations with British Aristocracy, and a private school education, lead to a career in style and beauty through studies and work in other locations such as  Britain, Italy, France, Greece, Mexico, Iran, Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico and South Pacific Islands giving me a further education in global cultures. Life has brought me to many rich experiences and people to be admired. My personal interests include investments, real estate, fashion, art, dance, jewelry, interiors, architecture, events, foods, travel, music, history, global cultures, literature and, as sport, yachting and ballooning (not necessarily in that order).

celebration gatsby

The idea for The Luxe Report was born out of a desire to share, inform and educate with in-depth coverage of all areas of the luxury industry. I find that many of the luxury blogs are mere portals for advertising and album pages for picture posts which offer little informative description or critique. In contrast, I would like The Luxe Report to be an honest discussion about luxury, not only as an industry but also as a concept and the blurring of the lines between massive consumption and the quality of style, which I feel is rapidly disappearing.

The opinions expressed in The Luxe Report are exclusively my own. My viewpoint is from the perspective of a consumer of a luxury lifestyle, goods and services. The features, profiles, and occasional product, services, and reviews will be collected by myself with occasional input from trusted associates, including journalists, writers, designers, artists, investors and marketing professionals. I currently serve on several trend-setting councils such as: VOGUE Insiders, ELLE and Traditional Home magazine.

Plans for The Luxe Report include personal interviews by me with notable brand providers. It will carry limited advertising and sponsorships. Any product, website link or service advertised on The Luxe Report will be carefully selected and where possible, will have been researched by me personally, and which I believe can stand up to scrutiny. I am also available for advice, travel for auction attendance or product selection on a consultant basis. Contact me via Email.

Ruffled - photo by -

The Luxe Report welcomes all comments or corrections which are not an attempt to advertise a product or service.   Comments deemed incorrect, offensive, rude or hurtful will be promptly taken down. For further details regarding The Luxe Report’s policies, please click on Terms of Use. Please enjoy!


Yours in Luxury,

Rosanne Allen-Hewlett

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